Business Management for Law Firms

In conjunction with Bellwether Green and Legal Jobs Scotland, our very own Kevin Richardson had the privilege of presenting “Business Management for Law Firms”, the first in a series of seminars held by the Commercial Law Network. For those of you who were there and want a reminder of the content of the seminar, and […]


How Law Firms Can Make Plans and Stick to Them

So, we’re most of the way through January now. How are those New Year’s resolutions working out for you? You decided it was time to lose weight, spend more time in the gym, spend less time in the pub, spend more time with the kids, spend less time in the office or read more books. […]


How Can Law Firms Prepare for Employee Absences?

I’m writing this blog post from bed. Not my usual place of work, but I’m in the grips of a bout of man-flu. While the worst has passed, I do find the recuperation stage rather boring, so I am recuperating with my laptop. Having not only lost my weekend, but now also a couple of […]


Cloud Computing for UK Law Firms – does it make business sense? (part 1)

Is your firm ready for the cloud? Legal firms in the UK are increasingly turning to Cloud computing solutions to deliver sustainable competitive advantage. Cloud-based systems can provide your business with low-cost, high-impact solutions that are responsive to your needs but without the need for in-house expertise or high maintenance costs. Indeed, these solutions may […]


Business Measurement and Analysis for Smaller Law Firms

Are you measuring business performance in your practice? In the recent economic climate, smaller legal firms have to work smarter to maximise resources, deliver outstanding customer service and compete in a turbulent market. And that means they need to improve processes that impact on their business. However, the starting point for managing any resource or […]


Scottish Legal Aid Board – Case Management Integration

  The future of legal aid submissions Last Friday, the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) announced that they plan to implement a package to allow integration of Case Management Systems with their online accounts product from summer 2015. This will be widely welcomed by the majority of Legal Aid Solicitors across Scotland who have been […]


Have it Your Way – Why Agile Development Rocks

And Why it Helps Smaller Firms Level The Field I went to a well-known hamburger chain yesterday and asked for something a wee bit different from what was on the menu (double cheese and an extra slice of tomato, as it happens). The conversation went like this: Me: Can I have that with double cheese […]


Cloud Security – PureIntuitive in the Law Society Journal

The Journal talks to PureIntuitive about cloud security for smaller law firms As one of Scotland’s leading suppliers of cloud-based legal technology, the Law Society asked us to comment on a report into data security on the cloud. Representing the legal technology industry alongside Warren Wander of LawCloud, I took the opportunity to highlight the […]


Is Your Iceberg Shrinking? (Part 2)

Are smaller law firms taking the best care of their business? Back when the legal market was buoyant, and clients were streaming through the door, considering business efficiency wasn’t so much of an issue for smaller law firms. There were good profits to be made without too much worry about balancing costs or thinking about […]


Is Your Iceberg Shrinking? Lessons for Lawyers

Polar bears have a problem. Do online legal service providers & ABSs create a similar problem for lawyers? Their natural habitat is disappearing. Each year, as the arctic ice melts further and further, there is less and less space for them to live and hunt. A huge problem, I’m sure you’ll agree. But their biggest […]

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White Paper: Now is the time for smaller firms to embrace legal CMS

  With the UK legal market in turmoil and small firms in particular facing a precarious future, the need to become more efficient, do more work in less time, reduce costs and increase profit margins have never been greater. While large firms have traditionally used legal case management systems (CMS) to help them do this, […]


Some dos and don’ts for data security

Data security is a hot topic at the moment. With Edward Snowden’s release of information exposing the US and UK governments’ trawling of data from technology giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft, the internet-using public are questioning how and where they store their sensitive information. But it’s not just the general public that are seeing […]