Business Intelligence for Smaller UK Law Firms & Solicitors

Business Intelligence for smaller legal firms

Performance management relies on sound Business Intelligence and this can prove to be elusive for smaller legal firms. By measuring the performance of key aspects of your business, you are taking control of actively managing your business and shaping its future direction.

Our software delivers detailed Management Information in real-time which means you don't have to wait for the number-crunchers run their end-of-month processes to present you with results. You can have the information you need to make management decisions at any time.

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The key aspects of your business you will want to know about to make qualified decisions cover how effective each of your marketing channels are and how the business generated is segmented. You will want to know how well your case matters are being processed and how the individuals of your team are performing. Most importantly, you will want to understand your current cash position – who has been billed, who have monies outstanding and what value your work-in-progress is.

With a range of variable parameters, our software allows you to analyse those key aspects of your business from a number of angles – presenting you with a clearer, fuller picture of the current and historical positions – helping you make the strategic decisions and set targets that are right for the growth of your business.

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Business Intelligence Features

Performance analysis can be made over any selected time period and the resultant data displays include

  • Colour-coded visual display of performance measures using straightforward line, bar and pie charts to give at-a-glance information of how well your business is performing
  • Detailed tabular information showing percentages and values, giving you full control of your analysis data
  • Full breakdown of analysed data to Prospect or Case level allowing you to drill down to a detailed level of precision
  • Print function of all charts, tables and breakdowns to help facilitate management meetings and presentations

You are able analyse performance by volume, current and initial values, fees paid, nominal costs and work-in-progress across a number of key areas of your business including

  • Case managers and administrators - allowing you to manage staff progress and performance in your business
  • Legal types - helping you to analyse whether you are making the right investment choices in staffing, training and future direction
  • Fee basis – giving you insight into what fee structures are best for each type of business you conduct
  • Prospect status to allow you to establish your client conversion rates
  • Prospect referral type, providing you with a clear view of which marketing channels are delivering best value to your business

Billing features

  • We know that cashflow is an essential part of any business, so our billing analysis feature allows you to view the status of all issued bills and identify quickly and easily which need to be chased and who your timely payees are
  • Just as importantly, it lets you see what work has yet to be billed for, helping you to make sure that your business doesn't get starved of cash

Additional features include

  • Full analysis of ResponseTap generated data, delivering detailed information about the performance of your targeted web pages and Google-ads campaigns allowing you to fine-tune your marketing budget to greater effect

Reviewing performance over wider time frames allows you to identify trends and measure the true impact of earlier business decisions.

When you come to make future strategic management decisions for your business, you now have the power to do so based on clear evidence derived from performance analysis data.

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