Clear, simple accounts.

Designed specifically for law firms, PureCashroom is a simple, easy-to-use legal cashroom system, compliant with SRA Regulations as well as those of Scottish, Irish and Northern Irish Law Societies.
With clear, straight-forward ledger and transaction views, PureCashroom streamlines and clarifies the accounting process for fee-earners and cashroom partners alike.



Cutomisable, streamlined.

With fully customisable reporting, PureCashroom ensures that you and your cashroom partner have instant access to all required information in the format you want. In addition, PureCashroom allows you to share information with external software such as Excel or Quickbooks.


PureCashroom also offers clear, simple and up-to-the-minute instant access to all ledgers, fee positions, day book and reconciliations, giving you an accurate view of your accounts position from moment-to-moment.


Electronic posting slips help to streamline your operation, creating slips on-screen and electronically submitting them to the accounts department. With authorisation from the accounts department postings are created, streamlining the accounting process, minimising mistakes and avoiding difficult-to-recover missed disbursements.
In addition, the PureCashroom quick-view dashboard allows you to keep tabs on your main accounts performance indicators at a glance.



End-to-end business analysis.

Linking into PureCase and PurePractice, you can track all transactions from new client enquiry through to case closure and final accounting, providing you with the ability to analyse your firm’s performance right down to employee and transaction level.


Working with Cashroom Partners near you.

Working closely with Cashroom Partners across all regions of the UK and Ireland, we can help you find the Cashroom Partner that’s right for you.




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