Conveyancing Software for Law Firms

In an increasingly competitive market, PureIntuitive legal software provides a conveyancing software solution that reduces costs, processes business more efficiently and allows firms to target new business.

PureCase, our legal case management system, focuses on streamlining day-to-day operations, reducing costs, increasing profit margins and letting solicitors focus on fee-earning activities.

Our integrated practice management software, PurePractice, lets you analyse the performance of your business and target new clients.

With increased efficiency and an improved capacity to target new business, PureIntuitive allows you to operate with confidence at any stage in an often volatile market.

Sale or Purchase – Auto-Calculations for Rapid Document Production

The PureCase template generator includes intelligent calculation inputs, automatically bringing together outlays such as coal report and land registry dues and calculating outstanding mortgage repayments as well as VAT on fees.

This makes accurate production of conveyancing documents, such as statements of account, a simple one-click process, saving you time and effort and allowing you to process more business in less time.


Conveyancing Work flows - Provide Great Customer Service

Customisable work flows mean that your processes can be managed further down the food-chain, reducing your costs, increasing your profit margins and allowing your solicitors to focus on fee-earning.

And because best practice is encoded in your work flow, you can be sure that each stage in the conveyancing process is completed accurately and promptly, ensuring excellent customer service every time.



Stand Out in Your Market – Win New Clients

In such a competitive market, conveyancers can often face an uphill struggle to be seen by potential clients.

With referral source tracking, the PurePractice lets you gather valuable referral data from existing and new clients. Combined with our performance analysis tools, you can use this data to not only target your marketing to bring in more prospective clients, but also ensure that your prospect-to-client conversion is consistently improving.

From individual marketing campaigns to long-term activities, you can win new clients by making strategic, targeted marketing decisions.


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