Criminal Law Software for Legal Practices

With a high volume of often complex cases, good caseload management is essential for criminal law firms.

PureIntuitive gives criminal law professionals the tools they need to simplify caseload management, freeing time for fee-earners to focus on their clients.

Maximise Billed Hours

Our criminal law software solution allows simple and accurate recording of all events and outlays, from travel mileage to precognition, meaning you stay on top of time-recording and ensuring that you get paid for all of the work that you do.

Faster Billing and Legal Aid Submission

Automatic event tracking results in quick and easy invoice creation and Legal Aid submission, meaning you get paid for the work you do in as short a timescale as possible.


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Effective Witness and Contact Management

An unlimited contacts database coupled with a simple contact management system give you full control of managing witnesses, experts or other contacts within a case.

Combined with our document production system, you can automatically add any contact details to letters, emails and court documents.


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Access Your Case Files From Anywhere

With our secure cloud, you can access, edit and collaborate on any case and from anywhere, be that court, the police station your office or home.

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