Customer Relationship Management for Smaller UK Law Firms & Solicitors

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for smaller legal firms

By managing the work flow from Prospect through to Client our software allows you to take control of your Client's journey from the moment they first make contact with your business.

Our software helps you to assign ownership of Prospects to a specific staff member that helps ensure continuity of service to becoming a Client. With a management overview of where each of your Prospects are, you are able to keep track of progress throughout the journey.

A Structured Approach to Customer Relationship Managementcustomer-relationship-management-small-law-firms-uk"

In helping to manage the stages from Prospect to Client, our software delivers a structured process to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that every staff member can follow. This allows you to standardise your approach, simplify progress reporting and training needs and presents you with the opportunity to design and deliver a consistent customer service that matches your business goals.

By recording valuable performance data at each stage of the process - from the channel the Prospect was introduced to your business, through conversion to Client and the ongoing value of their case matters, you can gather real evidence of the Client journey to support future decision making.

Taking such a structured approach helps you to fully understand the end-to-end process and – coupled with the performance data generated during this journey – allows you to conceive and deliver a more effective and repeatable marketing process which can adapt as your business growth evolves.

Learn more about our Customer Relationship Management features here.

Our Prospect Management features include

  • Full contact details for each Prospect including the source of your enquiry, allowing you to segment your market and keep track of the benefits delivered by your marketing spend
  • Tailored enquiry forms to help you capture all relevant information as early as possible
  • Status and appointment tracking for at-a-glance positional updates allowing you to prioritise actions
  • Task assignments and follow-ups to help ensure all Prospects are managed to completion
  • Document, note and email management to help you manage communications through the Prospect-to-Client process
  • Nominal costs associated with Client conversion to help you understand the true cost of Client acquisition
  • One-click 'Not-Taken-Up' assignment of Prospect status to help you see the true conversion rate of your marketing campaigns

Additional features include

  • Automatic creation of Prospects from your website's Client Enquiry Form with delegated task assignment making online enquiries a seamless processes
  • Integration with ResponseTap (linked to RT website) call tracking to reveal live call numbers as they happen allowing you to create Prospects with real-time call information and track their progress through your own website and Google-Ads campaigns

Analyse your marketing spend

Keeping track of all the data associated with the Prospect-to-Client process allows you to make an in-depth analysis of your marketing spend, letting you see the real value of benefits to your business across each of your marketing channels.

The analysis allows you to view conversion rates and actual Client values of campaigns, marketing channels and legal types allowing you to gain a true insight into your marketing ROI.

Learn more here about how we can help you achieve this.

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