Manage the entire client journey - from prospect to client to final billing.

With PurePractice, you can take control of your client's journey from day one. Our powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality lets you standardise the process of bringing in new business from the moment a prospective client makes contact.
Customisable to your own needs, our CRM software helps you manage the process from initial contact to conversion to client, making the process from prospect to client seamless and customer-friendly.
Combined with PureCase, our powerful Legal Case Management software, you can be assured of continuity of service through to your day-to-day workflow.
And when it comes time for final billing, the PureCase/PurePractice combination lets you analyse the whole process, ensuring you make the most of every opportunity.

Make good customer customer service automatic.

The PurePractice prospective client management system gives you the tools to systemise good customer service.
With customisable enquiry forms, you can make sure that your support staff gather exactly the right information before referring your potential client on to a fee-earner.
Prospective clients can then be assigned to the relevant solicitor, with an automatically raised task, ensuring that all prospective new clients are contacted in a timely fashion.

Strategically target new business.

With customisable referral source tracking, the PurePractice Customer Relationship Management functionality ensures that you gather valuable referral data with each new client.
Combined with our integrated business intelligence analysis tool, you can get a full picture not just of the volume of work each referral channel brings to your business, but also of the real monetary value of each channel, letting you build a clear picture of your marketing Return on Investment.
From individual marketing campaigns  to long-term activities, you can analyse the real monetary value to your business, allowing you to win new clients by making strategic, targeted marketing decisions based on hard facts.
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