Speed up your billing process.

PureCase legal billing software automatically tracks each event, updating the account as you go according to your private fee structure, or Legal Aid. That means that when it comes time to issue an invoice, you simply need to select the events you want to charge for and publish the invoice.
PureCase will even calculate any VAT or any interest and provide any itemisation you require.

Quickly track client accounts.

legal-billing-software-law-firms-ukPureCase lets you easily view the status of client accounts and invoices. Letting you know what has already been paid, which invoices are outstanding and which need to be issued.

Create professional, headed invoices.

The PureCase template generator lets you set up headed invoices however you want them.
Easily add your firm's logo, itemisation and any tax or interest calculations you want.
Just create the template once and it will-auto complete every time.

Case or client-level billing.

PureCase fits in with the way you work.
Whether you work by individual case or or multiple work items for each client, you can track accounts and invoice from any level. Our billing software for smaller law firms can help you succeed.
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