Legal Aid Online Accounts Integration - Today and Tomorrow

On the 5th December, the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) announced that they plan to implement a package to allow integration of Case Management Systems with their online accounts product in the summer of 2015.

This will be widely welcomed by the majority of Legal Aid Solicitors across Scotland who have been in eager anticipation for the opportunity to reduce the burden and cost of submitting Legal Aid fees ever since SLAB shelved the self-same pilot project back in early 2012.

This will mean that solicitors using a Case Management System that integrates with SLAB online accounts will be able to reduce administration costs and get paid quicker.

Watch our videos or read below how PureCase is prepared for the future of legal aid submission and how we can help your practice today.


Getting Ready

Because cases can take a number of months to be ready to fee, Legal Aid Solicitors should act now to ensure their cases are prepared to take full advantage of the SLAB changes as they become available.

Cloud-based Case Management Systems are ideally placed to integrate with the SLAB online accounting package by allowing easy transfer of data from one system to the other.

By preparing cases on such a system, solicitors will be able to ensure that fee submissions are ready for easy transfer to SLAB. In the process, they will also be able to take advantage of the additional business benefits Case Management Systems provide.

PureIntuitive was one of the first service providers to submit test data to the SLAB Case Management Integration pilot project of 2012 before it was deferred - so we are already geared up to integrate with these upcoming and welcome SLAB improvements.


How PureCase Will Integrate with SLAB Online Accounts

The following screen shots indicate how we expect PureCase to integrate with the SLAB online account package.

First, by the click of a button, the submission is prepared allowing you to exclude specific fees if required:


(Click to enlarge)

In preparing the submission, the system will alert you to potential time conflicts – helping you to dynamically audit your time recording and minimise the risk of abatements.


One click of the button completes the submission by transferring all the relevant data to the SLAB online account package and acknowledgement is displayed.


A summary of submissions is displayed to let you track what and when payments are due to allow you to keep on top of your cash flow situation.


(Click to enlarge)


Legal Aid Software - How We Can Help Today

PureCase completes the journey of your Legal Aid clients from start to finish.

From the initial expenditure that allows you to meet with the client and take instructions of the case, through each of the standard, ad-hoc and additional work increases PureCase calculates fees and tracks the totals spent and available against each increase allowing you to maximise available spend and make sure you don't go over limits.

The PureCase automated billing feature currently allows you to collate and manage Legal Aid fee submissions simply and easily, allowing you to copy and paste directly into your Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) online account.

And because PureCase is already geared up for change, when the SLAB online account integration is made available, all PureCase users will automatically get access to those integration features – further driving down the time, effort and cost involved in SLAB fee submissions.


PureCase Legal Aid Features

Track Legal Aid Increase Status

PureCase makes it easy for you to record and track available, applied for and granted Legal Aid increases.

Mapping directly to the SLAB increase format for every practice area, PureCase gives you a visual interface that provides a clear picture of the status of your legal aid increase position:


(Click to enlarge)


Track Legal Aid Fees

PureCase allows you to automatically calculate and record fees against increases:


This allows you to keep track of what fees have been incurred and what remains available to spend against each increase – helping you maximise available spend and make sure you don't carry out work you won't get paid for:



PureCase and PurePractice

Our legal aid features come as standard with the PureCase and PurePractice bundle at no extra charge. Enjoy the full PureIntuitive package for just £50 per user, per month.


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