Legal Case Management Software for Smaller UK Law Firms & Solicitors

In a progressively competitive legal market, where large law firms already have a technology advantage, small and medium-sized law firms increasingly struggle. Limited time and financial resources mean that for small and medium-sized firms, traditional case and practice management systems are often beyond their reach.

We developed our legal case management software to change this situation, providing products which reduce the time spent on admin, increase solicitors’ fee-earning time and help maximise profit, while also being affordable and easy to use.

legal-case-management-small-law-firms-ukCase Management Software that Makes Life Easier For You

In your day-to-day operations, PureCase, our case management software, is designed to make your life easier. Through the entire client journey from prospect to final billing, PureCase automates routine tasks and brings all case and client information to one instantly accessible place.

PureCase automatically calculates fees on any event, whether to your own private fee structure or that set by the Legal Aid Board, makes time-recording easy, automatically populates and generates letters and documents, brings together the diaries of everyone in the office and provides one-touch final billing. All of these combine save you a significant amount of admin time, allowing admin staff to handle higher volumes of work, and fee-earners to focus on earning fees.

Practice Management Software – Higher Visibility of Law Firm Profits & Marketing ROI

As well as streamlining your day-to-day operations, our software also gives high-level management analysis. PurePractice, our practice management software allows you to track and analyse prospective clients, the impact of marketing campaigns, work in progress and the performance of your employees and practice areas. This analysis allows you to make facts-driven business decisions, improving your ability to target and maximise profit.

State-of-the-Art UK Data Centres for Best Security

Our security measures are designed to make your data more secure. We employ 256-bit encryption on your data, which is backed-up multiple times at state-of-the-art, distinct UK-only data centres, ensuring your data is safe from fire, theft and natural disasters.

Always Listening to You – Bespoke Case Management Software Development

All of our products are built with our core philosophy in mind. We recognise our business depends on the success of our customers and that’s why we employ a collaborative customer-driven software development program. Unlike other legal software providers, our customers can directly influence new features for our products, meaning you get software that does exactly what you need it to.

Competitive Pricing – Fair & Straight-Forward with Free Consultation, Training & Support

Our understanding of our customers is reflected in our pricing structure. We know that resources can be limited in a modern legal practice and that’s why our pricing is fair and straight-forward. We don’t employ long-term contracts or charge anything up-front. In addition, all consultation, training and support are provided free of charge.

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Based in Glasgow, we can help your law firm with our legal case management software solutions wherever you are based in the UK, including across Scotland (including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee), England & Wales (inc. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol), Wales (inc. Cardiff, Swansea, Newport) and Northern Ireland (Belfast & Derry).

To request a free online demo of our bespoke legal case management software, please fill in our online enquiry form here, or if you have any queries please contact us here.

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