Legal Practice Management for Smaller UK Law Firms & Solicitors

Practice Management software for small legal firms

In today's economic climate, smaller UK legal firms need to be dynamic in finding ways to compete for business. That means getting serious about Practice Management.

Smaller law firms with limited resources have to work smarter to get clients through their door, have more efficient processes in place to deal with those clients and have a structured approach to gaining management information for making strategic business decisions.

These business functions are quite distinct in their operation, but intertwine in such a way as to define your business as an organisation and to determine its long term future.

legal-practice-management-small-law-firms-ukBusiness development and Customer Relationship Management

Without clients, there is no business. Taking steps to understand the effectiveness of your marketing spend is essential for streamlining the flow of new business, but this can by clouded in mystique and throw up ambiguities.

Tracking potential clients from the point they make contact with your business right through to completion of their cases and matters allows you to take control of the client journey, gain a clear level of understanding of what benefit your business receives from your marketing spend whilst providing a high standard of customer service.

 Learn more here about how we can help you achieve this.

Improving your business processes

Processing cases and matters efficiently not only gives your business the competitive edge in being able to deal with a larger number of clients on a day-to-day basis, it also means that the level of customer service you can provide is considerably improved.

Customer service plays an important role in defining your reputation in the marketplace and how often your clients will recommend your business to others.

Take a tour of our case management features here  to see how we can help you improve customer service by working smarter with your business processes.

Manage the future of your business

If you are serious about planning the future of your business and pointing it in the right direction, you need to know where you have come from, where you are now and how quickly you are moving. You need to know how well the different parts of your business are performing and what triggers change.

Performance measurement is key to analysing the current state of your business and in setting the targets that are right for the planned growth path of your business. Measuring performance is the first step towards managing that performance.

Learn more here about how we can help you measure performance and take control of the future direction and growth of your business.

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