Make facts-driven management decisions for your business.

Integrated with PureCase, PurePractice delivers you accurate, real-time Management Information to let you make data-driven strategic decisions.
With multiple parameters for analysis, PurePractice allows you to view short and long-term trends so you can have a clear picture of the performance of your practice.


Manage practice areas and staff performance.

With the ability to analyse your practice not just by volume of work but by real monetary value, PurePractice affords you a clear view of the performance of the business as a whole, individual practice areas and the performance of your employees.
From a high-level view, you can also drill-down to case and matter level, allowing you to bulk-view the progress of each employee's workload, assisting you in the ongoing development of your staff and practice areas.

Stay on top of your cash flow.

PurePractice Management Information functionality also allows you to bulk-analyse your billing position.
With clear views of who has been billed and what is outstanding you can stay on top of your invoicing and ensure your cash flow position is as strong as possible.
And with a clear understanding of your work-in-progress position you can ensure continuity of healthy cash flow.

Win new business with targeted marketing.

With analysis of your referral sources, PurePractice gives you the tools to understand the real monetary value of your marketing channels, from individual marketing campaigns to long-term strategies.
And by giving you a clear picture of your new client conversion rates, you can not only target your marketing to bring in more prospective clients, but also ensure that your prospect-to-client conversion is consistently improving.
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