No more searching through paper files.

With instant access to all case notes, documents, events and emails there's no more need to search for the information you need.
And with secure access to your devices from any location you won't have to worry about leaving files behind. PureCase makes managing cases, fast, simple and secure.

Manage by client or case.

However you feel comfortable organising your workload, PureCase fits in with you.
With our case management software, you can work with individual cases or from a client level with multiple work items.

Collaboration from anywhere.

With multiple users able to collaborate on a case from any location, PureCase gives you and your team the flexibility to work however you want to.

Stay on top of your workload.

Creating a new case is a quick, two-step process and all new cases instantly join your favourites on your homepage.
And with case diaries, reminders and instant access to case and client accounting information, you'll have no trouble keeping on top of your workload.
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