We care about data security as much as you.

Just like it is for you, data security is the top priority for us.
With advance standard 256-bit encryption and SSL connection, our bank-style security means you can have peace of mind.

Multiple data backups.

With its cloud-based infrastructure, PureCase backs up your data instantly in data centres at distinct UK locations.
That means that not only is your data protected from theft, but also from fire and natural disaster.
What's more, multiple-location data centres mean that should that should any disaster occur, PureCase will continue to operate, ensuring your continuity of operations.

State-of-the-art data centres.

All of the UK data centres used by PureCase maintain the highest technological standards, including:
  • Multiple, redundant 10 Gbps internet connections
  • Waterless fire suppression systems
  • VESDA fire detection systems
  • Internal and external CCTV
  • Restricted and controlled physical access
  • Seamless uninterruptible power supply
  • Full climate control

Data protection compliance.

All our data centres are located in the UK ONLY (best practice for security for law firms in the UK)
Add this to the encryption and extensive additional security measures, and you can be sure that you comply with data protection laws.
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