Win new clients and provide great customer service.

With customisable referral source tracking, the PurePractice Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality ensures that you gather valuable referral data with each new client, allowing you to analyse your referral channels to target new business.
As well as helping you bring in new clients, our CRM system assigns prospective clients to specific staff members, raising a corresponding task and holding essential client information in one place.
This means that you can be sure that all prospects are dealt with promptly and professionally and ensuring continuity of customer service from day one.
To see more of our Customer Relationship Management software, click here.

Efficiently process your workload.

When it comes to managing your clients' business our software makes the process simple and efficient.
PureCase, our cloud-based legal case management software brings all of your essential client information into one place, allowing you and your employees to access any case or matter from anywhere, at any time.
Streamlined time recording, document production and invoicing mean that you save time in your day-to-day operations, giving you more time to focus on fee-earning activities.
To view a tour of PureCase, click here.

Analyse your business performance.

PurePractice delivers you accurate, real-time Management Information to let you make data-driven strategic decisions.
The user-friendly visual interface lets you analyse the performance of multiple areas of your business, from marketing to employee performance.
With volume, current value and work-in-progress views amongst others, PurePractice gives you a clear understanding of your business performance in hard monetary terms.
And with views over any time period, you can view long-term trends in your business, or drill down to what's happening on the ground today, letting you make facts-driven strategic business decisions.
Click here to find out more about the PurePractice Management Information functions.
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